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make up

Q: What is included in a make up application?

A: You will get the works! We will prep your skin and prime it so its ready for make up. We will do your brows, eyes, false lashes, skin, contour and lips! 


Q: How long does it take?

A: A full make up application takes 45 minutes to an hour. 


Q: What products do you use?

A: I keep my kit stocked with many different professional brands, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox, Stila, Urban Decay, IT cosmetics & more. All of the products I use I have tested for quality, longevity, and how well it photographs. 


Q: How do I know my make up will last?

A: I have various tips and tricks I have learned over my 10 years of experience. I use various primers for eyes, face and lips that I layer to ensure that you will get the longest wear possible, as well as setting sprays and powders. For brides, I do recommend a trial session to make sure the make up lasts as everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products.


Q: Any tips for me to prepare for my appointment with you?

A: Please lightly exfoliate your face prior to coming to your appointment and moisture after. It is helpful for you to bring in some images of the look you are going for so that way we both have a clear understanding of how you want your make up.


Q: I have highly reactive/sensitive skin, will that be okay?

A: I do try to make sure that all the products in my kit are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. However I cannot guarantee that it will not make your skin react if you are highly sensitive. I am more than happy to use some of your products that have worked for you in the past if this is the case. 


Q: I prefer a more natural look and still want to look like myself. Is that possible or should I just avoid getting a MUA?

A: It is absolutely possible! I am pretty natural myself most days, but just the right amount of make up in the right places can help make your eyes pop just a little more, and make your skin texture and tone just a little more clear. I never want you to look like its too much, just a little bit better than the normal day. 


Q: Do you offer a la carte services (just eyes, skin or brows)? 

A: No, unfortunately I do not. A key part of my service is to take into account the features of your entire face and make all the features of your face work together.


Q:do you travel up north, MI?

A: absolutely! we love it up north! please inquire for details. 

Q: how do you keep your kit sanitary?

A: we use all precautions to keep our make up sanitary. we sanitize the products inbetween use and we use single use applicators for all products that need them ( mascara, lipgloss ETC.)



Q: What are semi-permanent lash extensions?

A: Individual, synthetic lash extensions are bonded with (medically-safe, award-winning, NovaLash Platinum Bond Adhesive) to your natural lashes to create a full, long lasting look.


Q: Will the lash extensions cause damage to my natural lashes?

A: No, because an eyelash only lives for 30 to 60 days there is no opportunity for lash damage. When your natural lashes gradually shed the extensions will simply fall out with them. It is important to know that if the lash extensions are not done properly they will cause damage. Make sure you do your research and go to a highly trained professional. 



Q: I already have lashes on from another artist, will you fill them?

A: Sometimes I can fill work from another artist and sometimes I cannot. I require an in person consultation prior to you booking your appointment so we know exactly how much time you will need. 


Q: What is the lash extension process like? Does it hurt?

A: The first time you get your lashes done you lay down with your eyes closed for 2 hours and we put extensions on your lashes on your upper lash line. You lay down on a comfortable padded seat. Some clients use this time to relax or even catch up on sleep as it is preferred to not talk because that can cause your eyes to jump. It is painless and relaxing. 


Q:I have a trip or special event that I would like to get lashes for... How soon in advance should I schedule my first appointment?

A: Appointments at the studio book up quickly, so in order to schedule your full set it is advised to book at least 3-4 weeks in advance!


Q: How often do I need a touch-up?
A: Because your natural eyelashes shed every 30 to 60 days, we recommend you will need a touch-up every 3 to 4 weeks.  Touch-up appointments last 1 hour.


Q: Can I wear mascara?
A: Unfortunately, no you cannot. Most Mascara had glycol in it and glycol cannot go on your lashes. Mascara also just closes the fans of your lashes and causes bad retention.


Q: Can I wear make up?

a: Yes! you just cannot wear any mascara or gel eyeliner. 


Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Yes! The studio is by appointment only. Please use the book now button on this page. 


Q: What is a full set of lashes?
A: A full set of lashes simply means that we will be covering every lash on your upper lash line only.  This initial appointment is two hours in itself.


Q: Can lash extensions be applied to lower lashes?
A: Lower lashes are a look that is great for a wedding or event. They must be done using the sensitive adhesive, which is fume-free, since your eyes are open for this application. Therefore, they will last you about a week, which is not as long as to the 3-4 weeks that you can get out of your upper lashes! The appointment time for this is 30 minutes in addition to any upper lash appointment time.


Q: I workout, swim and do hot yoga, will my lashes be ok for this?
A: Yes, you can workout, swim and do hot yoga with your lash extensions on!  That is the beauty of NovaLash adhesive. 

Q: Does it matter what eye makeup remover I use?
A: Yes, you want to use lash safe make up remover and wash. Something gentle with no glycol. You can also buy a lash wash, make up remover and cleansing brush at your appointment. 

Q: I wear contacts. Can I still get lash extensions?
A: Yes! Since lash extensions are not glued to your eyelid they will not conflict or interfere with your contacts or normal daily activities.

q: how do you describe keratin lash infusion?

A: Keratin Lash infusion is not your average lash lift, but rather a keratin infusion and condition treatment that leaves your lashes curled, lifted, heathy and shiny. this is the only system that is a true keratin infusion clinically proven to strengthen and rehydrate your natural lashes making them grow stronger and longer. 

Q: can keratin lash infusion damage your natural lashes?

A: no, keratin lash infusion is a 100% damage free guarantee. 

q: how long does a keratin lash infusion last?

a: 6-8 weeks

q: After a keratin lash infusion, is there anything i need to be cautious of?

a: you cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours. so i recommend to not wear any make up.


q: is Keratin lash infusion gluten free?

a: there are plant stem cells in the triple growth factor serum used for the infusion. we have used the system on celiac clients successfully but least patch the serum to be safe. 

q: Is keratin lash infusion vegan?

A: there are no animal products in the product and we are cruelty free, however we cannot claim vegan because it has not been certified. our keratin is from vegetable sources.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Q: Who isCosmetic Tattooingfor?

A: Cosmetic Tattooing is for anyone looking to enhance the shape, color, and fullness of one’s brows, eyes & lips . (See contraindications for who is not a candidate for Cosmetic Tattooing).


Q: How long will my Cosmetic Tattoo last?

A: To fully answer this question really comes down to how well you follow the after care instructions provided. Microblading generally last 12-18 months. PMU lasts 1-5 years.  This does not mean the tattoo will be fully gone for everyone. Depending on lifestyle, some may still have noticeable color, they have just faded over the year. Others may not have any color left at all. We all metabolize differently, therefore I can not guarantee results. I do offer a Yearly Color Boost service. This is a yearly refresher appointment, where the color will be redeposited and shape corrected if needed. This service is only for previous customers I have worked on. If you have had work done by an other artist, a consultation or clear emailed photo will need to be booked and/or sent before I will work on you. Not all previous work can or will be performed on. I have the right to deny any service on anyone.


Q: I already have a Cosmetic Tattoo can you fix it?

A: An in-person consultation would hve to be made so I can tell you if I can help or not.


Q: How often do I need a touch up? Is a touch up necessary?

A: After you leave your first appointment, it  will be much darker and bolder than they will end up. Throughout the week and during your healing process, the color will begin to soften and fade. Some clients may like this, others may not. However do know this is a normal process of healing. Some areas may heal spotty can look unfinished. At your second appointment we will access the color and re-evaluate your skins condition and how it is reacting to the pigment. Any necessary changes will be corrected at this time. A third touch up may be needed for those with very oil skin, problematic skin, darker pigmentation or those who did not follow aftercare instructions. Microblading & PMU does require a minimum of two appointments.


Q: What does the aftercare include?

A:Frequent blotting to remove access lipids. Gentle cleansing of the area. Application of provided aftercare balm for 10 days. 

No direct water on area for 10 days. No tanning beds, pools, chlorinated areas, steam rooms or saunas and hot yoga for 2 weeks. No exercise or access sweating for 7 days. No makeup applied on the area for 4 weeks. No chemical treatments or laser sessions for 4 weeks. No botox for 2 weeks. No direct sunlight for a minimum of 30 days. DO NOT DRY HEAL.Keep the area lightly moisturized during your healing process. 


Q:Is Cosmetic Tattooingpainful?

A: I don’t think so butremember we each have a different pain tolerance. It’s certainly tolerable. Two topical anesthetics with lidocaine are used during the process to reduce any discomfort.


Q:How long does it take?

A: Cosmetic tattoo appointments take 2-3 hours. 


Q:What factors will affect my Cosmetic Tattoo?

A:Skin conditions. Sun’s exposure. Regeneration of skin cells, this includes topical corrective skin creams and serums (Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, Retin A). Speed at which the skin absorbs the ink. Choice of color (blondes fade quicker than dark). Any additional enhancements done to the area.


Q: How is the color and shape decided?

A: This is something we will discuss at your first appointment. Unless you have previous tattoo work, a consultation is required before booking. If you feel more comfortable sending me a photo of your area to be tattooed prior to the appointment we can discuss your questions/concerns. It is not a bad idea to come to your first appointment with your brows drawn on for me to help determine the look your desiring. 


Q: How do I book an appointment?

A: Just click the button below!

All booking is done online and requires a $100 NON REFUNDABLE booking fee. This amount is deducted from the final cost day of procedure. Appointments DO NOT include a complimentary touch up. Touch ups are $100.

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